Health Benefits of Cardio Vascular Exercise

Health Benefits of Cardio Vascular Exercise


Health is a measure of someone’s physical or mental condition, with a physically healthy person being defined as someone who is not only free from illness and injury, but also has the characteristics which make up an able and energetic body. Health is directly linked to your circulatory system, where the more efficient your cardio vascular system is, the healthier you are likely to be. There are many ways in which you can improve your cardio vascular fitness, where methods for doing so will improve your health and ultimately the life you lead. Besides improving your current lifestyle, the strength of your heart is extremely important for longevity of life, where a healthy heart is more likely to pump blood around the body for a longer lifetime than one which isn’t exercised. This is why it is recommended to exercise and successfully raise your heart rate thirty minutes a day, for three times a week or more. By doing this you should increase your aerobic fitness, thus lowering your resting heart rate and increasing your overall health. Here this article will outline an effective method for exercising, and be sure to read more about aerobic exercise at Wikipedia.

Cardiovascular, also known as aerobic, is an endurance exercise where you work at a low intensity over a sustained period of time. Due to not raising your heart rate too much, you should be working within your target heart range, therefore enabling you to exercise for a long period of time and supply your body with the oxygen it needs. Using the aerobic system allows you to get energy during your period of exercise from burning fat, with the efficiency in which your body can do this improving as your overall health does. This should go from strength to strength as you exercise regularly. One of the most common ways of strengthening the heart and improving your overall health through aerobic exercise is running/jogging. This is ideal because there are very few restrictions with running, besides your own body preventing you from getting the energy you need. You can effectively run for as long as your body will allow you to, and since it doesn’t require any equipment besides a pair of trainers and a stop watch, you can go running at any time. The freedom of this exercise is the perfect back drop for aerobic training, allowing you to go out whenever is appropriate for you, working at the intensity which suits you. Here the next paragraph will outline a recommended running method for beginners and how this will function to improve your health.

When you decide you’re going to start running, three times a week is the recommended frequency. As a starting point, it is important to judge your own fitness and capability by running at a low intensity for ten minutes. If you find this is a comfortable pace for you and feel as if you can continue on, then you should do so until you can feel yourself getting out of breath. If at ten minutes however you feel yourself panting and your heart working very hard, you should stop running after this has likely worked your body to its limits at this time. Once you have gauged how long you can comfortably run for, whilst understanding your heart rate should be increased without causing it to pump out of your chest, you should continue on for the first week, running for the same amount of time as you’ve judged by the first run. This might only be for ten minutes as mentioned, but for others could be anywhere up to forty five minutes. From here continuing the exercise over a long period of time will greatly increase your aerobic fitness, thereby improving the strength of your heart and the efficiency of your aerobic system. As you move forward you should see improvements, with a potential to run faster and for longer periods of time. This should be accordingly scheduled into your running plans.

All of these factors are significant for good health, and to boost the benefits of running even more, you are likely to burn fat more efficiency as you persist with running. Also running triggers hormones responsible for happiness known as endorphins, meaning there is a great chance running will boost your mental health as well. Running also significantly releases growth hormones, which will help you build muscle more effectively. All of these great benefits contribute towards a healthy body, providing a great incentive to get out and run today! You will likely see fast improvements if you stick at it, so don’t give up too soon if you’re finding it hard.



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