Health Is Wealth: Winning the Wealth By Following Five Simple Steps




In the contemporary society which is fast-paced, it is very easy to neglect your health and wellness. People from all walks of lives are so busy with their day-to-day activities such that they even forget to look at themselves properly. Health is a prerequisite to productivity and its absence creates a vacuum in the area of operation. Though looked at from different perspectives such as spiritual health, physical health and economic health, all of the elements of health are working together in synchrony.

Discussed below are five simple steps that we can do to live healthily.


Take a Lot of Water


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It is well known that 72% of our bodies is water. A simple drop of 5 % of water in our bodies virtually leads 25-30% loss in energy. In extreme cases, lack of water can even cause death. It is recommended that you should drink at least eight glasses of water everyday but the bitter truth is that most of us hardly take two glasses of water a day. To live healthily we have to make drinking of water part and parcel of our daily lives. This is a simple way that will not break a bank; it just calls for a deliberate effort and commitment to achieve it. If we achieve this, we are on the right track to healthy living. Adequate water in our bodies means more energy and therefore we can function optimally.



Eat Healthily


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Ensure that your diet has all essential nutrients, that is, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids. Our diets should have high percentages of veggies; nutritionists recommend an average of 5 servings per day. You do not have to spend the entire day in the kitchen preparing your veggies because you can juice them. Fresh grains are very useful in our bodies because the contain vitamins and essential minerals.

Ensure that your diet is rich in whole grains foods and foods rich in vitamins. Junk, processed and fast foods should be taken in minimal measures. This will be very beneficial in your quest to live a healthy life. Apart from the foods you take, it is advisable that you take foods in smaller portions to allow your body ample time to digest it. A heavy breakfast is also recommended so that you have enough energy to jump start your day.



Exercise Regularly


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Exercising on a regular basis is very helpful to healthy living. First and foremost, it reduces your risks of developing cancers, heart problems, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure. Health is wealth since when you are healthy you will be in a position to work more productively and make more money. Exercising regularly and enjoy a robust and a healthy life.

You do not have to visit a gym on a daily basis in order to exercise; light exercises like brisk walking, skipping, jogging and biking are of great help in developing a healthy body.





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Meditation is a great way of minimizing stress in your life. Therefore create time from your busy schedule and have some quiet time. You can spare 5 to 10 minutes daily to catch up with yourself and think through things that are boggling your mind. Meditation brings spiritual nourishment which is a critical part of spiritual and emotional health. Many people concentrate on their physical health and to some extent ignore spiritual health. A clearer and more purposeful mind can achieve a lot because the clarity of thoughts is positively correlated to the making of sound business and life decisions.



Get Enough Sleep


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Insomnia is a medical condition occasioned by lack of enough sleep. Sleep is necessary for the rebuilding and regeneration of muscles. The wear and tear of muscles can be devastating especially where sleep is denied. Have a way of arranging your schedules and duties so that you always allocate enough time to rest. Sleep deprivation also causes problems like increased level of stress, decreased concentration ability as well as increased body fats which come with a host of health complications.

Living healthily is not as hard as many as people perceive it. Following the above simple ways, you will be a wealthier and a healthier person. Just rearrange your life to accommodate healthy eating, regular exercises, drinking lots of water, meditation and laughing and you will be a very wealthy person. They are simple ways but the benefits are priceless.



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