Health Risks Of Skipping Breakfast



You’ve undoubtedly heard the popular saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Sure, a big breakfast is suppose to jumpstart your morning and prepare you for the daily events ahead. However, could you potentially be harming yourself or your body by skipping this important meal? Simply put: just how important is breakfast and what are the specific health risks of skipping it?

The Morning Meal

Depending on your life and schedule, mornings can be busy and sometimes hectic. You may decide to skip breakfast because you don’t have the time to prepare and eat a meal. You may want to start making time, though. Take a look at what studies are saying is a result of avoiding the morning meal.

For starters, it seems that skipping breakfast could possibly increase chances of a heart attack taking place. Though a recent study showed that older men who didn’t consume breakfast had a 27 percent higher risk of having a heart attack, it’s stated that there is no evidence as to why the results can’t be true for other people, as well.

The fact of a heart attack being plausible has to do with the idea of being extremely hungry throughout the day, as a result of breakfast being skipped. When breakfast isn’t consumed, a bigger, fatter meal is usually eaten later in the day. The body then has to process a large amount of calories in a short period of time, which could cause sugar levels to increase, as well as the arteries to be clogged. In correlation to eating breakfast: those who eat breakfast are believed to eat healthier, leaner meals.

Other Health Factors and Risk

A potential heart attack isn’t the only factor to worry about when it comes to skipping breakfast. It appears that women who are already overweight and skip breakfast could be hurting their health, too. When women who are overweight skip breakfast it’s believed that they experience insulin resistance, which is a condition in which someone requires more insulin to help bring their blood sugar level into a normal and safer range.

It’s been reported that children who skip breakfast can also be exposed to harmful effects. For example, kids who admitted to never eating breakfast have been seen has having a less amount of energy than those who did eat a morning meal. Also, being overweight or obese are two factors that have been connected to skipping breakfast, as well as poorer academics.

Whether you have a morning appetite or not, it’s quite clear that breakfast just might be the most important meal of the day. Though morning’s are usually busy and time consuming, specifically if you’ve got a family to take care of get ready, it’s still important to reserve some time to consume a meal. As you only have one body, it’s vital to start taking care of it… now! There may be no absolute way to avoid heart attacks, diabetes, etc.; however, eating a nice, healthy breakfast each morning just may lower your chances of coming into contact with such health risks.


About the author:

This is a post by health and fitness enthusiast Claire Wilson. Claire is currently writing for the Australian private health cover provider and when not working she loves to try out new healthy recipes and practice yoga.