Healthy Eating For Maximum Workout Performance

It is never advisable to work out when one is tired and hungry. If you do, you will keep looking at the clock and longing for the workout to end. It is more enjoyable to work out when you feel energetic since the body has more fuel for workout. Eating before a work out can make a significant difference. It provides fuel to the body, and one gets more endurance and stamina.

One should however, be careful on what they eat especially when working out to lose weight. If you become careless in eating, the workout may become useless. At the same time, you need enough calories to see you through the work out session. There are some healthy eating tips that you can follow to give your body enough fuel as you exercise. These tips are applicable to the specific time that you choose to do your exercise.

Water intake
Drinking water is extremely critical regardless of the time of the day you choose to exercise. It is recommended that you take about 16 ounces of water two hours before you start your exercise. Keep sipping water all through the time of the exercise and even afterwards. You may switch to sports drinks if you intend to exercise for more than one hour. It is critical that you experiment with your body to know which foods are the best for you.

Early morning exercise
If you enjoy exercising early in the morning, then you are privileged because you will be more motivated than most people will. Take a snack before starting your exercise so that you do not feel hungry or dizzy. To avoid suffering from nausea and side cramps, always give yourself some time from the time you snack to the time you start exercising. This enables the food eaten to be digested.

Your body will need around 200 to 300 calories to be able to fuel it after about an hour of waking up. Avoid foods that require more time to digest like proteins and fats. Some suggested foods that you can take are a banana, a low-fat granola, a whole-grain bagel or a handful of raisings. For liquids, a high carbohydrate beverage or sports drinks are the best.

Mid-day exercise
You may not be an early riser, but you can still squeeze a workout routine in the middle of the day, like during the lunch hour. You however need to eat something before you start your exercise. The recommended calorie intake for this hour is 300 to 400 calories. You meal should be composed of 60% carbohydrates, 20% fats and 20% proteins. Healthy options include oatmeal, fruits, yoghurt, and granola. If you have no time to make a full meal, you can take a replacement bar or shake.

Evening exercise
Some people postpone their exercise program until late in the evening after work. This is a tricky time to work out due to low energy levels in your body. You may also be tempted to eat fast foods on your way from work. To avoid these temptations, make sure that you eat something 2 to 3 hours prior to leaving the office. 400 to 500 calories are recommended at this time of day. Some healthy foods that you can eat are crackers, whole-grain breads, cottage cheese, vegetables, and fruits.

It is possible to work out any time of the day if you are determined. You just need to ensure that nutrients and fluids in your body are replaced after every exercise. You must however make sure that you balance your intake of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.



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