Hill Sprints For Burning More Fat!



Hill climbing or hill sprinting can be a very good exercise if you want to lose your body fat faster. Other fat burning exercises takes 5 times more time and body moves to give you desired results. On the other hand hill sprinting few rounds makes your body to heat up faster and its angular resistant makes it seven time faster fat burning than a steady cardio exercise.

During hill climbing our legs, butts, arms and shoulders making efforts to make the body stable and burning fat as a reaction. When the body learn to stable its mechanism and trained, you can increase your rounds to get better results.

Power exercises like sprinting needs high rate of demand for energy. Therefore glucose is broken down and oxidized to pyruvate and then lactate is produced from the pyruvate which is quite faster than the tissues can remove it, so lactate concentration begins to rise. The production of lactate is a beneficial process because it regenerates NAD+ which is used up in the creation of pyruvate from glucose, and this ensures that energy production is maintained and exercise can continue. But excessive lactate acid creates tiredness, difficulty in breathing, dry skin, stomach and abdominal discomfort. To maintain the healthy training pattern by increasing rounds gradually in week regularize its levels.


Facts about Fat Burning:

  • As the body shapes of man and woman are different the weight loss and fat burning is also happen differently in both. Men have more muscular body mass and therefore their potential of weight loss is more than women.
  • Heavy weight people needs more efforts to stride and sprinting therefore the calories burning effects are more in them rather in healthy men or women. According to the study published in Healthy Living magazine by Wisconsin’s Department of Health and Family Services, “Walking uphill for one hour will burn an average of 354 calories in a 130-pound person, 422 calories in a 155-pound person and 518 calories in a 190-pound person.”


Pattern of Hill Sprinting:
Align yourself: For fat burning efficiency struggle for high knee lifts and use the ankles’ full range of motion but your foot should be directly landed on surface not your heel or just toe otherwise you might get hurt.

Stride Accordingly: Shorter hills where top can be reachable in less than 30 seconds, strides short, knees high, body upright, and arms pumping at 90° angles. Long strides are useful only if the hill is medium or high enough to take more than a minute to reach.

Breathe Out: Breathing must be on point when you are running with high intensity. Deep breath should be taken before you start running and slowly exhale it when the distance is near to complete. Y our abs should be supportive while sprinting to protect your spine.