How Build Monsterous Traps!


Scott Herman Fitness shows us how to build bigger traps! This is a pretty straight forward rotuine that will be sure to add some muscle to your traps. The number rule to follow is having proper form!

Nothing is more INTIMIDATING than set of MONSTER TRAPS! They take a lot of hard work and dedication; but once you get them you will be filling out your T-Shirts and Tank Top straps to the MAX!  Focus and proper form is KEY when doing these exercises so watch closely! Then, go let your monster out!

(0:30)- Routine Sets & Reps
(0:55)- Seated Low Row
(2:08)- Smith Machine- Reverse Shrug
(3:26)- Smith Machine- Upright Row
(4:44)- Dumbbell Shrug
(5:44)- Dumbbell Upright-Row



via Scott Herman Fitness