How Exercise And Nutrition Work Together!

exercise and nutrition


I will take Oprah Winfrey as an example. Have you ever noticed that at one time she loses weight where she will talk about the latest fad diet she’s trying; the next thing you know, she has already gained half of the weight she lost before. And why is this happening? It is because she did not incorporate exercise with her dieting. It also applies when you do exercise regularly and not getting the right nutrition. So based on what I said, is it really important to have exercise and nutrition walk hand in hand? And how exercise and nutrition work together?

It is given that working out is a great way to make you fit and healthy. However, you also need to incorporate proper nutrition with that because otherwise all your efforts going to the gym, walking 30 minutes each day, and other kinds of exercises will be considered useless. One of the ways how exercise and nutrition work together is when you take amino acids when building your muscles. Amino acids help develop your muscles especially when you are working out.

Another benefit you can get when you incorporate proper nutrition with your exercise is that it helps you burn fat faster, even when you are not doing some strength training. This happens because when you are doing some strength training to form muscles while at the same time maintaining a balanced diet, your muscle will burn fat and your metabolism will go faster, burning your stored fats even if you are not doing any exercise at the moment.

So how can you incorporate exercise and nutrition together? It is simple! All you have to do is to eat 5 small and balanced meals 5 times a day instead of 3 full meals a day. When there’s a long gap between meals, the tendency here is that you will get hungrier on the next meal, leading you to eat more then. Aside from that, you should also not be afraid of carbohydrates, as these are much needed in giving you energy throughout the day so you must consume foods that are rich in carbohydrates together with protein. Just remember to not eat as much as you can, just enough to get the energy that you will need in a day.

And these are the ways on how exercise and nutrition work together. If you are to work out or go on a diet, always remember to incorporate them together, and not just do one thing.


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