How Glutamine Can Help You Build Muscle!

How Glutamine Can Help You Build Muscle


Glutamine is among the top supplements taken by bodybuilders today.  Although the body naturally produces glutamine, supplementation with this amino acid is beneficial under stressful situations such as weightlifting in which a lot of glutamine in your body is used up.  Sufficient glutamine in your muscles encourages an atmosphere in which muscle growth can take place.

Research has proven that supplementation with glutamine tremendously increases the presence of growth hormones so important in building muscle.  Anyone wanting to build muscle will attempt to find ways to naturally increase their growth hormone level, glutamine comes in real handy in this department.  What is impressive is that only a small amount of glutamine can achieve the desired effect.

Glutamine is known to have anti catabolic properties thereby preventing breakdown of muscle tissue which would be the greatest nightmare of someone wanting to build muscle.  In this way, this supplement works to preserve your muscles especially since it also lowers the presence of the stress hormone cortisol.  For these reasons, glutamine has all right to lay claim to being the protector of your muscles.

The role of glutamine in replenishing glycogen stores allows your body to recover faster during and after a workout.  Glycogen, if you didn’t already know, is your body’s primary source of energy.  During intense weightlifting exercises glycogen levels are quickly depleted leaving you weak and exhausted.  Sufficient glutamine in your muscles quickly replenishes glycogen levels so you can recover faster between sets.

Glutamine provides a well needed boost to your immune system thereby reducing the chances of you becoming sick and having to skip a gym session.  If you are going through an especially stressful period in your life then make sure you supplement with glutamine as weightlifting by itself is a stressful activity.  You do not want to create an environment in which muscle tissue is broken down to deal with the exorbitant amount of stress.  Therefore, if you have a stressful job or lifestyle or you are prone to infections or sicknesses glutamine is a must have in your nutrition programme.

Glutamine is a useful supplementation but it’s not compulsory to build muscle.  If you follow a quality weight training and nutrition programme that also takes into account proper rest and recuperation then you will build muscle.  Certainly, glutamine will serve to accelerate muscle gains but it’s your choice whether you want to supplement with it or not.  In situations of extreme stress, however, it is wise to take glutamine supplements regularly to keep healthy and preserve muscle tissue.


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