How Love Can Make A Person Healthy And Wealthy

Love can make a person healthy and very wealthy.

Love has a close relationship with our biological equilibrium. Science, without naming him, became interested in the effects of love on human health. Of 10,000 men surveyed, those who called themselves fulfilled in their marriage were 64% less strokes compared to singles or men who were unhappy. This study found that people whose marriage lasts are healthier than single, widowed or divorced not remarried. The happily married are notably less risk of depression. According to the researchers, failure in love is a major source of stress, which may explain its link with health deteriorated. But this effect may be offset by remarriage.

Studies linking harmonious loving relationships and health are manifold. They are useful because they allow us to objectify the facts and draw certain laws. But we need a study to know that infants do not survive more than a few hours without the tenderness of his mother? An old man dies depending if left without care? We know that the baby needs attention, words and physical contact – all manifestations of love – to develop normally. The attention, care, caress, tenderness is simply necessary for survival!

In scientific experiments on young couples, it was measured that the hurtful words or lyrics are accusing immediately climb cortisol – the stress hormone – from the accused. Abundantly secreted too, too long, cortisol depletes our body and can lead us to depression. It was also measured statistically, during interviews, a correlation between cortisol members of a young couple in discussions and successful marriage in the medium and long term. A cortisol level is predictive of separation in the following years.

Or separations ruin our health. We also know that anger causes a strong immune collapse measured by dropping our rate of immunoglobulin A for several hours. All the emotions that limit our love felt limited in proportion to our well-being and life expectancy in good health! On the other hand, feel love is associated with an improvement in our hormonal cocktail: lower stress hormones, increased DHEA – the anti-aging hormone – releasing endorphins, hormones and euphoric pain, etc. . Love is also associated with improved blood pressure. There is therefore an objective of health gain to feel love and not to live emotions that reduces perception. Ideally, for perfect health and lasting happiness, we should always feel the love.

Is it possible? At first glance, it would seem not. The object of our love is elusive. Situations tenderness all have a purpose. The people we love disappear from our lives. We separate them, they leave us or they die. How, in this context, healer feel this love, this love unstained by conflicting feelings? Is there a way to live in all circumstances?

Whatever the answer, because eventually, whatever our state of the time, we win more love to be better. Love is not a command. It is an ideal. In this sense, it is accessible to everyone to improve their status in love, to grow its propensity to love. Because loving is good and it feels inspiring…

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