How Many Meals Should You Eat Per Day? (Video)

We humans have been conditioned to eat a hefty 3 meals a day, but who started this and what decided this number? Is it the correct count of meals we should be eating per day when accounting fitness and other health factors?

Check out this great video from Matty Fusaro answering how many meals should you eat per day.

Meal Frequency – How many meals should I eat a day? Everywhere you look you are being told to eat 4-6-8 times a day to keep your metabolism going and make sure your are burning enough calories. I think people are misunderstanding the science behind this concept. This is just a simple, quick demonstration about the TEF or Thermic Effect of Food also known as DIT or Dietary Induced Thermogenesis. This example is taken from Lyle McDonald’s website Body Recomposition and here is the link which will go into more detail about meal frequency and metabolism.

via Matty Fusaro