How to Boost Your Metabolism Levels for Maximum Weight Loss


Hooray, another person dispelling myths about ‘eating every 2-3 hours to boost metabolism. This goes against what a lot of people follow as far as eating routines for the their day.

Don’t Worry About Eating 4-5 Small Meals

One often promulgated diet myth is that eating six small frequent meals will help boost your metabolism.  Along with that, people often fear that skipping a meal or here or there will cause their metabolism to slow down.

However, the converse is actually the case.  Proponents and researchers on the topic of intermittent fasting have actually found that it helps promote weight loss in addition to contributing to lower blood pressure, insulin resistance, and cholesterol levels.

This is Wrong:

The more frequent you eat, the higher your metabolism levels will be. Contrary to popular belief, skipping on meals won’t improve your odds for weight loss; it’ll only force your body switches into starvation mode, thus spell disaster on your weight loss resolution and health levels. Instead, the way to go is to eat frequently throughout the day.

The ideal pattern is to eat 4-5 small meals of 300 to 400 calories, 3-4 hours apart. Make sure to eat breakfast within two hours of waking, this will help kick-start metabolism levels and keep it running high throughout the day.

Eat Protein

Protein uses more calories in digestion than carbohydrates or fat, thus consuming it will lead to a metabolism boost. Not only that, consuming protein with every meal helps you feel satiated longer and keeps hunger levels at bay, thus the chances of overeating and binging are drastically reduced. In addition, protein intake is key for developing and maintaining muscle mass, and the more muscles you develop, the higher your metabolism levels will be.

Make sure to get your protein from natural foods such as red meat, turkey, chicken, cottage cheese, fish, and eggs. For more, try a protein powder or supplements.

Exercise In the Morning

Starting your day with a workout is a sure way to boost metabolism levels throughout the day, sometimes up to 24 hours. Not only that, according to many studies, people who work out first thing in the morning tend to stick with their training programs for the long haul, thus achieve better results.

Therefore, make sure to schedule your workouts in the AM. Get ready the night before by laying out your training gears in the open and start off your new resolution with a simple and easy-to-follow training program.

Drink Water

Water is a natural booster of metabolism and can also help you keep hunger levels at bay by suppressing appetite. According to a report by M. Boschmann, published in “The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.” drinking water increases metabolism levels by 30% within 10 minutes. In addition, keeping your body well hydrated throughout the day is vital for performance, high energy levels and good health.

Therefore, make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to keep your body well hydrated. Your fluid intake needs depend, for the most part, on your physical activity levels, the weather and your consumption of water-filled foods like vegetable and fruits.

The above metabolism boosters are simple and easy-to-implement. Nevertheless, when it comes to getting results, most people fall short. Therefore, to effectively boost your metabolism levels, you need to start putting into action what you’ve just learned as soon as possible. Otherwise you won’t achieve much progress.


via Hive Health Media