How To Burn Calories While Working in the Office!




If you can manage to go the gym before or after work, then I guess you don’t really need this post. But if you are like many others who are VERY busy with work, this is for you.

We don’t want our lives to be sucked by reports and business presentations, do we? Fret no more because I’d give you some tips on how you can still burn calories even in your business suits. Ready?

If you can stand, stand. Find opportunities to stand up. Most of us work using our laptops. You can probably bring your laptop on a higher table and spend 30 minutes working while standing. That shouldn’t be hard, right? Flex your legs once in a while.

Use your breaks wisely. If you can totally eliminate smoking from your life, do it now. Instead of just doing nothing on your break or instead of smoking, you might want to go up and down the stairs. If possible, walk to your colleagues’ cubicle and say hi.

More water breaks. We all know that water is good for you. That’s a no – brainer. Walking from your area to the water dispenser is a form of exercising. I suggest that you get a small tumbler. That way, you will be mandated to visit the water dispenser more often. And since you will fill your body with water, you’d have that urge to visit the restroom more than the usual. Again, that would require you to walk. These simple routines can go a long way.

Redecorate your desk. Instead of picture frames or non – sense figurines, I would suggest that you change the knickknacks which can be found on your desk. Instead of the usual paper weight, buy a small dumbbell. If you can comfortably sit using gym ball, get one for yourself. Great idea, isn’t it?

Have a lunch out. Choose a good restaurant which serves healthy options. If this is a few kilometers from your office, then perfect. Don’t use your car. If you have a bike or if you can walk, then better.

If you will notice, these are very easy to do tips. The key is to be creative, resourceful and be cautious about your health. Who needs heavy gym equipment if you can use some office furniture to trim down? But of course, if you can suggest to your company heads to provide stationary bikes and gym mats, go ahead. It will be a great initiative.

Lea Sanchez has a corporate job. She is aware that most people in the corporate world don’t have time to go to the gym or to engage in physical activities. Hence, she came up with practical solutions on how a person in the office can still burn some calories. When she’s not busy with her work, she gives health articles to a site where we can buy medications. Check those from reviews for accessrx