How To Burn More Calories While Cleaning



You’re gaining a lot of weight and you just think you need to lose those extra pounds. The solution? Why not clean up your house and hit two birds with one stone? Cleaning can help you lose weight and at the same time help you maintain the neatness of your home.

So how can you burn more calories while cleaning?


1. Sanitize your bathroom. One of the most tedious tasks at home is cleaning and sanitizing the bathroom. You can clean up your bath room at least once a week so that you can get rid of germs and dirt. You can begin by washing the toilet and then cleaning the floor and wall. Did you know that when you do this chore, you can lose as much as 45 calories?

2. Vacuuming. If you want to burn as much as 70 (women) to 80 (men) calories for a 20 minute session, you can start by vacuuming the house. Start by vacuuming the carpet, your bedroom, living room, and kitchen so that you can say goodbye to dust and dirt. Take note that dust and dirt can accumulate through time and can be the causes of various diseases such as cough and colds.

3. Scrubbing. Another way to burn more calories while cleaning is by scrubbing the floor and hard to reach surfaces at home. For 20 minutes of scrubbing, you can actually lose around 90 calories for women and 100 calories for men. Scrubbing the floor is a good way to sanitize your home and it can help you get rid of dirt, germs, and stains. You can use a commercial or homemade cleaning solution to help you do the job. With this task, you can burn around 60 calories for women and 70 calories for men.

4. Cleaning the windows. Get your windows back into their old, brilliant shine by cleaning them regularly. In fact, cleaning and washing windows can help you burn around 50 calories for women and 60 calories for men. You can use a commercial or homemade cleaning solution to remove dust, dirt, and streaks.  If you use a micro fiber towel that tends to work very well.

5. Washing dishes. It may sound simple, but did you know that washing the dishes three times a day can help you shed off around 30 calories for women and 40 calories for men? So after having your meal, wash the dishes and you can get rid of excess calories.


Who says burning calories is expensive? By cleaning the house, you can get back into shape without investing a lot of money.

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