How To Get Rid Of That “Lower Belly Pooch”


Ladies do you have that lower belly “pooch”? Check out Wold Fitness’s amazing post!

Even very lean women can have a little “pooch” on their lower bellies. Check out these bikini models that have what my daughter calls a “pooch”:

These models are lean, heck – you can see their ribs! So what causes that little bulge in the lower belly? Is it something they ate hanging around in their digestive system?  Maybe.  Grains, even whole grains, can bind up in your intestines and cause bloating.  (More on that here:  Beat The Belly Bulge). But if your diet is on point, you’re lean, you’re working hard… What can cause the pooch?

Simple: tight hip flexors.

The muscles that cross the front of your hips can get really tight and pull you into what we exercise science types call an “anterior pelvic tilt.”


You basically want to do this stretch twice a day to help you get rid of that  “Pooch”


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via Wold Fitness