How to Get the Motivation To Work Out

Note: No Dinosaurs Required!


You know you need to work out, but you feel (or the day after that…or the day after that). Here are some easy tips to get you to work out NOW.

Change up your workouts

Working out can get cumbersome and boring if they are not changed up regularly. The secret to keeping your motivation while working out is to change up your workouts as much as possible. A possible itinerary could include running a few times a week, hitting the gym twice a week for some strength training, swimming once a week and then doing yoga or some type of sports another day of the week. You will notice your motivation as well as your interest soar as you change up your workout routine.


Take it day by day

It can be difficult to work out if you think of it as a long term process that seems to never end. The secret to keeping your motivation while working out is to take the fitness process day-by-day. When trying to up your motivation, don’t think of the rest of what you must do to keep fit the rest of the week or the rest of the month or even the rest of the year, just think of the workout that you need to do that very day. This will keep you in the moment and will give you a better overall perspective on the entire workout process. And, you will soon find your motivation to workout start to increase.


Work out with a friend

Working out with a friend has been shown to increase motivation and encourage people to work out even harder. When you work out with a friend, the time seems to move quicker and you can talk each other through difficult workouts. It is important to work out with a friend who is on the same fitness path as you are and shares your love and passion for working out, in order to keep the motivation running high.