How To Get Your Girl To Workout

girl leg press


What guy doesn’t want a sexy, confident woman on his arm? Men, you can help your lady effectively change her body. When starting on this journey to getting your woman fit it’s best to start with emotional considerations.


1. Plan your strategy and be supportive

Help your lady reduce the number of excuses by supporting her along this venture and creating a plan that is both practical, and offers emotional support. Creating this new habit of training has to be realistic according to her time, schedule, and money.

The ultimate goal is to make this a lifestyle change. With your support will make her feel great inside and she will be even more enthusiastic about the training and your relationship; she will start to view you more as her knight and shining armor! (take notes fellas!)



2. Giving her external motivation will build her own motivation

Motivation comes in two’s; controlled and/or external. External motivation brought about from external sources. This external motivation is best for getting the process up and running. Internal motivation or autonomous is a personal conviction; this motivation takes time to develop, but once we have it this regime to train will be fun and easy. Rewarding strategies is a great way to get her to progress further and further. Don’t go pulling out your wallets; rewards to not have to be in the form of something that has monetary value. A reward can be something simple as your lady knowing how you feel about her motivation and desire to look even better.


3. Emphasize weight training

Emphasizing weight training is a great step to take in your ladies’ training. Try investing in home equipment; barbells and dumbbells are all that you need. Teach her the proper formations when performing squats, deadlifts, and bench pressing. You may even be able to compel her to perform her own research of other women that weight train, diet, and are consistent in their workout. This will be a great step in getting her to train. Most women think that long walks and treadmills are the way to get fit.

Start with basic lifts and work up from there. Practicing these lifts on a constant basis will recruit more muscle fibers and help transition that motor patterns. Big, compound movements with a few HIIT circuits and sprints will yield the best results.


Final Thought

Her interest and progression will start to grow and she won’t need or depend on your support in order to continue to train. She will become the workout guru, based on her own passion.