How To: Landmine Oblique Twist (Video)

Checkout this great how to video from Scott Herman fitness showing us how to do a landmine oblique twist.

Don’t worry Nation, you don’t have to have a landmine attachment to do this exercise. In the video below I demonstrate how to perform the exercise by just putting a 45lb plate on the ground as well. You can use the corner of a wall.. But that would cause damage to the wall. So not good!

I love this exercise. If you perform it correctly with no momentum you will feel your entire core engage and an amazing burn through your obliques. But don’t start off with too much weight. Go with 10-25lbs and really focus on contorl throughout the entire movement.

Try doing 3 – 4 sets of 15 – 20 reps (PER SIDE) with your next abdominal workout! #HTH