How To Lose Weight On A Budget

Cheapest ways to lose weight.


With seemingly no end in sight for the credit crunch and gym membership prices only getting more expensive, what can you do to stay fit and healthy on a budget? Luckily this blog is here to help you get that toned physique on modest finances with surprising alternatives that can save you money whilst improving your physical fitness at the same time.


Completely changing your diet to all organic, low carb foods can be expensive. Especially as the healthy eating trend goes from strength to strength, supermarkets are raising their prices to capitalise on the fitness wave. So what can you do when you want to consume fewer calories but still need your essential vitamins? The simple answer is low calorie diet shakes and drinks. These are great for supplying your body with fat burning goodness that doesn’t break the bank. They are great for taking on the go too. Having these at work on your dinner can reduce time cooking other more fatty foods and will make you feel great for the rest of the day.

Another way to diet on a budget is to grow your own vegetables. Even if you may not have the greenest of fingers, growing your own vegetables in your garden is a great way to save money and the health benefits are through the roof. Finally you will be able to eat completely organic food that has not been chemically processed by supermarkets and farms for more than half the price if you were to buy them from a retailer.


Gym memberships these days are bordering on extortion. Gone are the days where your local gym was just a few quid a month and you could go any time of the day whenever you wanted. Now there are different gym rates, depending on what time or day you want to attend. The simple and inexpensive solution to this is by taking on another gym, the outside gym. Pretty much everything you do in the gym can be replicated in parks or fields up and down the land. Instead of running on the treadmill in a sweaty gym with others breathing down your neck to be next on the machine, why not change this for the glorious outdoors with the sun in your face and the wind in your hair.

If you are more strength and fitness inclined instead of just cardio, there is a bunch of ways you can get a pump on with the great outdoors instead of the hugely expensive gym. Push ups and tricep dips can all be done to any ledge such as a bench or fence and pull ups can be done on any horizontal bar you come across. You may feel a little silly doing pull ups on a swing set in the local park next to a child, but the physical benefits along with the financial savings will soon turn your red face into a beaming healthy one.

For more information on healthy recipes and meal ideas, be sure to check out the BBC Good Food site.