How To Lose Weight While Watching TV


Do you need to lose weight but just can’t bare to tear yourself from the latest installment of Mad Men?  With the following five tv-friendly exercises you won’t need to! We think that this potent mix of dumbbells and Don Draper is the perfect recipe for weight loss summer.

Skipping  –  This work out is perhaps the most calorie burning exercise you can do in front of the tube (not to mention  also guaranteed to make you recall the nostalgia of primary school double dutch).  Skip as fast as you can for two minutes, have a break, and go again before the commercial break is over. And seriously, what exercise is more fun than jump rope and also allows you to burn 100 calories?

Step exercise – This one is a slight variation from the stairs exercise and is ideal for those who really don’t want to tare themselves away from the idiot box. First get a small step stool or a few yellow pages and pile them on top of each other and do the simple step up exercises.  Studies have shown that even doing this basic exercise during a three minute interval block of an advertisement can lead to weight loss.

Stair master – You don’t need to be part of the Biggest Loser Club or have your own stair machine to do your stair workouts. Believe it or not, you can use your actual staircase in your house (or apartment building) for just an effective workout! Who woulda thunk? Run up and down the staircase as many times as possible during the ad breaks.  This work out can make you burn around 40 calories

Weights  – Lift dumbbells or cans of  soups in front of the television.  This allows you to squeeze in your weekly strength training while also being entertained. Remember that strength training should be done only twice or three times a week, allowing for periods of rest in between.

Planking– Do some planking to work your core muscles.  Lie on the floor, lifting your body so that only your toes, forearms and hands are touching the floor, and ensure your head is facing the floor. Make sure your shoulders are aligned with elbows. Other alternatives work for working core muscles include squatting and lunging.

So, keep these tips on how to lose weight in front of the television in mind, and you’ll be looking spick and span before the next commercial break’s over!


Author Bio: Sarah Paige is multi-media and she loves reading tips on how to lose weight, and relies on websites like the Biggest Loser Club to get her health and nutrition advice.