How To Reduce Calories While Making Cookies

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Do you love to eat sweets but hate the calories? Well, for the health conscious, eating sweets such as cookies can be bad for the health. After all, too much sugar and calories can lead to various diseases.

But don’t worry because you can still enjoy treating yourself with cookies without the calories- or at least with fewer calories. Here are some tips on how you can reduce calories while making cookies:

1. Find an egg substitute. Did you know that an egg is equivalent to 45 calories? So when you bake cookies, try to use an egg substitute instead. You can substitute half of the eggs or simply reduce the use of eggs on your recipe.

2. Reduce the amount of sugar. One of the most popular sources of calories is sugar. So just imagine how much calories your body can gain when you consume cookies regularly! Next time you bake cookies at home, try to reduce the amount of sugar on your recipe. For instance, you can use half a cup instead of one cup of sugar. This way, you can cut at least 50 calories. Another option is using an artificial sweetener (which is low calorie). You can substitute one half cup of sugar with an artificial sweetener without compromising the taste of your cookies.

3. Avoid extra calories in your ingredients. Chocolate chips and candies, peanut butter, and frosting are just some of the ingredients with extra calories. Try to limit the use of these ingredients so that you can cut on extra calories. Instead of using frosting for instance, why not go for plain butter or banana cookies? Instead of using candies or chocolate chips and bars, why not go for almonds, dates, and walnuts?

4. Use low calorie ingredients. You can also reduce the amount of calories on your cookies by choosing low-calorie ingredients. For example, instead of using butter, look for a low calorie substitute for your batter. Instead of using chocolate bars and chips or artificial chocolate for chocolate chip cookies, you can use cocoa which is a healthier choice. Cocoa gives you a sumptuous chocolate taste minus the guilt of consuming more calories. You can also use fat-free sour cream and oil for your recipe so that you can lessen the amount of calories.

So when you make cookies, try to remember these tips. The fewer calories in your cookies, the better.


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