How You Can Remove Lower Back Pain With A Basic Self Care

Lower back pain is an issue that almost everyone suffers from at some time in their life. Heavy workloads and our need to adapt to fast paced and demanding society take their toll; as a result many of us end up with back pain of one form or another at some time.

Back pain in itself need not be a problem. However the issues multiply when:

+people are ‘afraid’ of such pains and / or the treatments involved in resolving it

+ people don’t know how to go about obtaining suitable treatment

+ people believe it to be a ‘minor health issue’.

Some people take to their bed, thinking that the short-term relief this provides is a cure. Howeverit is now well understood that long stays in bed could be make things worse.

So, if you start to feel some back pain, how can you help yourself?

ü  For first day or two, don’t become too worried. Try to do your regular work and activities as long as they do not cause discomfort. Trychanging certain aspects of your job (if possible) or changing sleeping positions if needed to see what happens.

ü  Activities and basic exercise helps people to reduce lower back pain. It helps to keep your muscles strong. Consult with a physician or a good personal trainer about basic exercise movements.

ü  Aim to choose low impact options for any kind of physical activity. Don’t be too harsh on your poor muscles. Low impact exercises can strengthen your back and help it to take on more pressure.

ü  Try to avoid lifting, bending & reaching or activities that place any extra stress on your back.Where such activities cannot be avoided, be very careful and try to be conscious of your posture.

ü  When sleeping, try lying on your side with a pillow between your knees. Or you can lie on your back on the floor with a soft mat underneath you and a pillow under your knees.

ü  Avoid bending when putting on trousers, socks and tights. Stand with your back against a wall. Then slide your shoulders down and bring your knees up.

ü  Learn self massage. Doing some self massage could help to avoid back pains. If it’s painful to do self massage then there are lots of massage centers out there – try one of those.

ü  Yoga is another way of keeping back pain away. Check out nearby yoga teaching center to learn about yoga.

ü  Protect your back while sitting; use a cushion to protect your back from a hard surface.

ü  Do gentle exercises& strengthening practices for your stomach, back and legs.  Exercises may not reduce your pain but can help a lot to reduce any disability caused by back pain. If you are uncertain about what exercises to do, aim for at least one long walks a day. Walking is such a simple exercise, and yet one of the best exercises for your lower back.

If you start to feel a gentle pain over a prolonged period or a more significant pain, never ignore it. See a physician or try a chiropractic treatment before your pain becomes severe.  If you can figure out what is causing your pain (for example you’re seating arrangement in your workplace) then try changing things about. Reduce strains in both your office and home. Try a little massage whenever you feel pain; don’t try to push it through using pills or any pain killer.

Focus on light exercise. Creating a habit of regular exercising can help to keep back pain away. But always consult with your physician or trainer about choosing your movements. Engaging in regular low impact cardiovascular activities such as jogging and swimming will improve strength of your back.


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