Hypnosis For Weight Loss?

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We all have once or twice tried new trendy fad diet and quickly, due to innumerous reasons, have fallen back to our usual old habits. For effective weight loss one needs to be proactive and persistent. Lots of people try and fail to lose weight for a huge number of reasons. Most of the time, long time dieters in spite of vigorous exercise and workout regimes and in addition to hardcore dieting, fail to reach their target weight. This can be enormously frustrating and often results in individuals feeling depressed. This tends to further aggravate the feeling where people indulge in gluttony and associated feeling of guilt which again leads to low self-esteem and confidence- a vicious cycle no doubt. Nowadays people are seeking untraditional methods for weight loss. Hypnosis for weight loss is a popular and effective method that provides a break from the usual techniques of weight loss. Hypnotherapy aims to expose the reasons that hinder the process of weight loss and works on the powerful unconscious mind.


How does hypnosis for weight loss work?

Contrary to common notions and beliefs, there is no magic involved. The mind, it is believed, to be of three parts- the conscious, the ego and the subconscious. Hypnosis aims to set up a new belief system through the unconscious mind. Hypnotists who work in weight loss programs suggests to eat smaller portions of healthy and nutritious food and try to inculcate positive body image and self-esteem. It is necessary to make individuals feel good about themselves and encouraging positive feelings will act as a companion for great weight loss. Hypnotherapy fights to break through barriers of the mind that have been preventing them from losing weight. Diet and exercise are the most important aspects and solutions for losing weight and together with hypnosis, an individual can effectively break any mental blocks that stop them from making most of these methods. Very often, our mind stops us from exercising. Hypnotherapy works on the issues that hinder the process of weight loss and helps associate positive feeling to exercising and healthy food habits. More often than not, getting your body moving and your heart pumping will make you feel better about yourself in general, leading to healthier behaviors and a happier life.

The power to choose

Many people succeed in losing weight in the short term and then find it difficult keeping it off. Here hypnosis works well as it changes the way people thing about weight loss. Losing weight should be always be approached with a positive attitude, it’s about creating a whole new relationship with food and the body. Spending so much time worrying and concentrating on food and exercise program is not enough. Training the brain too is necessary, which hypnotists strive to do. The most powerful message a hypnotists can give is the power to choose. Dieters often look upon other people who have the liberty to choose and eat what they like. This negative emotion is tackled through the therapy. Giving the individual the power to choose helps him overcome obstacles in the mind that prevents one to lose weight.


Author Bio:

Jasmine is a freelance writer who writes for singapore hypnotherapy. Through this article she tried to explain the relation between hypnosis and weight loss