I Want to Look Like That Guy (Bodybuilding Documentary)


“I Want To Look Like That Guy” documentary is about a basically average, middle age guy who is a little overweight just like the average person these days, and he wanted to find out what he would have to do to look like that guy in all of those ads in the different fitness magazines. All of those ads seem to be selling a product or program that promises that you can look just like the fitness model in those ads quickly and with little effort. So Stuart MacDonald, the filmmaker, decided that he would do whatever it takes to get that exact look of those guys. He soon discovered that all of those guys are bodybuilders and live that lifestyle to get that look for the magazines. He then hooks up with a professional drug free bodybuilder and gym owner, Jeff Willet, in his town and says, “I want to look just like those guys in the ads.” This documentary was really inspiring. I can’t believe there are people that think Bodybuilding isn’t a real sport. They need to watch this documentary, it really shows the work and dedication that go into it.