Impact of Sex in Our Immune system – Is it really an Exercise?



Sex, though many might not know, has enormous health benefits. Most people usually engage in sexual intercourse to express their love to their partners without knowing that it comes with a host of health benefits that will improve your immune system. In this article, we are going to discuss in details the impact of sex in our immune system. We are also going to address the question of whether sex is an exercise.

To start with, sexual intercourse triggers release of oxytocin which promotes strong feelings of affection. On the other hand, sex in men boosts the flow of testosterone which strengthens muscles and bones.  Sexual intimacy also enables the transport of DHEA which is very crucial in proper function of the immune system in the body.

It is clear that sex in a loving relationship has great impact on the immune system. It in essence boosts the flow of specific chemicals in our bodies which improves the entire body immune system. For instance, research has it that men who engage in sexual act at least three times per week have lower chances of developing prostate problems. It is worth noting that a promiscuous sexual relationship may affect your health adversely because it usually leads to a sense of fear and anxiety.

It is also worth mentioning that sex is an exercise and thus when you have sex regularly, you are basically exercising which also comes with a heap of benefits in our bodies. One of the benefits of having regular sexual intercourse is that it improves cholesterol levels as well as increase blood circulation. Sex just like physical activities releases endorphins which work to diminish pain levels in our bodies. Endorphins work to boost painkillers in your body. So, sex reduces arthritis pain, PMS symptoms as well as headache. It actually cuts the pain by more than half. Also, having sex frequently increases the levels of immunoglobulin A which protects your body from getting colds as well as other infections.

Also, an active sex life can prolong your lifespan. This is according to research done by Dr. David Weeks (Clinical Neuropsychologist in Scotland). Sex also slows down the aging process. This is because great sex leads to feeling happier which ultimately results to greater health and younger look.

Having sex helps to lower stress levels as well as blood pressure. This is according to findings by a research done in Scotland. Individuals who frequently engage in sexual intimacy usually respond better to stress than people who do not. The research also showed that people who have sex often have lower blood pressure.

Sexual intercourse improves your heart health. Research has it that men who have intercourse twice or thrice per week are half likely to get fatal heart attack than men who have sex like once per month.

Men who have sex more often have lower risk of getting prostate cancer because the more ejaculations a man has, the lower the risk of developing this type of cancer. A study done in American showed that men who ejaculates more than 21 times per month are less likely to get prostrate cancer as compared to those men who had seven or less ejaculations per month.

As an exercise, sex helps you to burn calories. It is definitely a great and enjoyable mode of exercise. This is because sexual intercourse involves both physical and psychological work which yields great results to your body.

After a great sleep, you will tend to have better sleep. This is because oxytocin released during intercourse promotes deep and sound sleep. It is well known that better sleep comes with a host of health benefits like better blood pressure, healthy weight and so forth.

It is also worth noting that great sex boosts your self esteem which makes you more productive in your day-to-day endeavors. Having sex frequently with your partner also boosts your affection and feelings towards each other.

I believe that after reading this article, you have seen how sex impacts greatly on our immune system. You have also seen that it is an exercise on itself which also has a plethora of health benefits.



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