Importance of Bodyweight Training



“If you can not move your body and control it, what business do you have moving other objects outside of you”- Idol Portal

The importance of true strength comes from having a strong foundation. Some may say this is core strength, but today, I am here to tell you that it is your ability to control your body.

My name is Keil Cronauer, founder of I am a former Marine where I served as a Martial Arts Instructor as well as a Fitness Trainer for Marines that were out of the strict height and weight standards set by the Marine Corps.

One thing I’ve learned during my time in the Marine Corps was being able to create amazing workouts without the use of any barbell or dumbbell. Let me be the one to tell you, maybe the first to tell you that you can get just as, if not better results by following workouts that only require your own bodyweight.

I was able to take hundreds of Marines from overweight back to the strictest height and weight standards the US Military has to offer by only using bodyweight exercises. Too many people believe in order to loose weight and become fit they need to join a gym and throw around some dumbbells for an hour just for their personal check in the box of getting their daily workout in.

This is not how you will make any progress to a stronger, faster, healthier, new YOU. I started “CROFIT” after I got out of the Marine Corps and loosing all hope in finding a gym that will satisfy my idea of a good gym without signing my life away for 24 months.

I started with a simple Facebook page posting daily workouts for people that didn’t have a gym membership, along with trying to get people out of the gym and back into the sun where we belong.

Bodyweight exercises should be the foundation of anyone’s workout plan. The reason for this is due to the amount of muscle control that is needed to perform most bodyweight exercises. Aside from the fact that almost every exercise you do in the gym I could do outside for free.

If you are still skeptical of only using a bodyweight routine, I invite you to try this workout below, then decide whether you’re as strong as you though you were with your dumbbells and barbells.

WORKOUT;(Push/Pull Day)
1 Mile Run (20sec Sprint, 40 sec Jog)


-Handstand Push ups x 15

-Lever Raises x As Many as Possible

-Push up Claps x As Many as Possible

-Pull up Claps x As Many as Possible

Repeat Circuit 3 Times.


Again, I invite you to try this workout as a gauge of where you stand with being able to control your own body. How strong is your foundation?

Your body is your building, without foundation deep into the ground you will easily fall with any sign of a storm. Withstand any storm with CROFIT. Lastly I will leave you with another quote by the same guy.

“MOVE, move because you can, if you won’t, probably you won’t be able to.”-Idol Portal