Importance of Tracking Workout For a Natural Bodybuilder



Every man has a dream of increasing the muscles at one time or another in life. Some manage to go to gym regularly and give serious time to body building, while the rest go for some time and then get busy in their routine, forgetting workout.

Among the people who go to gym regularly, there are two groups among them. First, is that who are professional bodybuilders, and rely on steroids to increase their muscles rapidly. While, the other group is of natural bodybuilders who rely on their will power to make muscles.


Natural Vs. Steroid Bodybuilder:

There is a great difference between a natural bodybuilder and a bodybuilder who relies on steroids. The latter, has a great margin available in terms of training schedule, eating habits, and nutrition. As steroids, provide the support the muscles in recovering faster, and supporting the workout, therefore, for them following any precise workout, or thinking over methodology is not necessary.

A natural body builder on the other hand, needs to rely on the details of the workout in order to gain the maximum muscles. To get the maximum results, a natural body builder needs to keep track of bodybuilding.


Keeping Track of Bodybuilding:

The best way a natural bodybuilder can gain the maximum muscles is by keeping track of bodybuilding. The keeping track process involves, the reps, the intensity, recovery time and the nutrition.

Reps- For building muscles you need to increase the reps. Thus you can track your progress by keeping log of the reps of each muscle you perform, and how sooner do you increase the number of reps.

Intensity- Bodybuilding is supposed to increase your strength. Therefore, if your strength is not increasing it means that you are over training, consequently muscles do not form.

Recovery Time- It is necessary to keep track of the recovery time. If you don’t feel an increase in your strength or the muscles growing, then perhaps you are giving them very less time to recover.

Nutrition- You can rely on bodybuilder supplements to increase your muscles, however, if you are not that enthusiastic then you need to have a balanced diet and keep track that which kind of dietary changes increase or decrease your strength to perform workout.


In short, a natural body builder needs to keep track of the bodybuilding in order to ensure greater muscle gain. The more attention to the detail is given; the better would be the results in terms of muscle gain.