Increasing Your Body Size and Mass By Eliminating These Common Mistakes

Increasing Your Body Size and Mass By Eliminating These Common Mistakes


Living up to your dream of leaner, meaner and stronger body is not unachievable if you can combine all the right elements at the right time. Most gym goers pursue this sublime purpose and are able to turn their dream in to a living reality but somehow something is stopping you from getting there. You are doing everything in your power to get lean. You are eating right, sleeping right and exercising right. Yet you are not witnessing probable results.

Surprisingly a few minor mistakes can halt your progress and deaden your pace to building a huge body. Elimination of these few errors can help to sketch amazing results. These common mistakes are summarized below:

You are lifting lesser weight:

Your body is an adaptable machine which easily gets used to whatever you subject it to. Most lifters draft a comfortable lifting zone for themselves. This means that they stay with the same lifting numbers without moving on each week. For example 225 is an ideal number for the bench press with most of the lifters, but say if you added it to 238 pounds, it would give more hassle as you would have to hunt for small plates to add to the sides of the bar. But while lifters look at the hassle associated with it, they ignore the upside. Adding a little more weight at each workout is the secret to building more muscle mass. As you gradually push your body to lift heavier weights, you are initiating the growth of muscle and stretching it to bear heavier workloads.

Calorie counting with the wrong type of food:

It is the common misconception of weight lifters that only calorie numbers count and not the type of food you eat. If a bag of candies is amounting to 200 calories and a fair portion of sweet potatoes is also 200 calories, you should opt for sweet potatoes. This is because the body uses the healthier and less processed food to turn in to energy. Consuming healthy proteins such as fish, poultry, eggs, whey protein, turkey and lean meat helps in reaching your mass building goals. Likewise, body building targets are also fulfilled if you choose nourishing carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, sweet potatoes and beans.

Not getting enough sleep:

Body builders are always on a tight schedule and most of them tend to skip the most important routine of life – sleep. School, office, work, parties or social life are all given high priority. The only thing that is considered least important is sleep which is the most fundamental element of any workout cycle. Sleeping hours is the vital time when the lifter is expanding and growing. These crucial hours are when your muscles are growing stronger and broader. So muscle building demands that you sleep at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

Taking too much stress:

Stress is the silent killer which gives birth to cardiovascular diseases and other risky diseases. For gym goers, stress is highly detrimental and causes fat retention in the body and burns up useful muscle mass. The burden of stress first taxes the brain and then the body and disables the body’s ability to build up essential muscle mass. It also releases a harmful hormone known as cortisol which limits your energy levels. Therefore, it is imperative that you eliminate stress from your life and bring more positivity in your thoughts to encounter fruitful and lasting bodybuilding results.

Going at a wild pace:   

Often weight lifters are overexcited and thrilled with the idea of building up mass muscle and tend to harness the belief that lifting heavier will lead to more rapid results. But this is not always the case. Excessive weight lifting for greater number of hours gives no room to muscles to grow actively. The key is to exert more effort for shorter lengths of time so that ample time is given to muscles to expand. Go at a steady pace. Likewise, most weight lifters harbor a notion that eating heavy leads to quicker weight gain and more muscle mass. This belief is erroneous. Eating too much leads to obesity and not muscle mass building and obesity in turn disrupts your workout cycles.

Consuming harmful drinks:

For weight lifters, there are many things that interfere with the body building progress. While these drinks may not pose a threat to the general population, they can greatly impede the growth of a lifter. Caffeine is widely used as a stimulant but it should be taken in to account that caffeine contributes to weight loss and not weight gain and therefore, should be avoided by the lifters. Likewise, alcohol is used and tolerated generally well but if it is suddenly weakening your energies and lowering your vitality, you should reassess its use and importance in life.