Increasing Your Muscle Mass By Lifting Lighter Weights! Say What?

Increasing your muscle mass by lifting lighter weights

If you are a weightlifter you would probably be well aware that building stronger and bigger muscles is only a question of lifting heavier weights and exerting hugely. But if your target is slightly complicated i.e. to gain more new muscle mass rapidly then you need to reevaluate your workout strategies.

You have always been trained and taught that lifting heavy = greater muscle mass built. But there is another side to it. Research shows that lifting less weight gives you better movement control, thus allowing you to increase your workout intensity and exertion. This theory can be better explained by taking each specific muscle group and looking at its function theoretically.

Arms: Although your ego will receive a tremendous shock and you will be highly uncomfortable when shifting your efforts to train back, you will realize that you are working up on the feel and flex of your arms muscle group with each repetition. This means that you are allowing your back muscles to develop more strongly and quickly even with lesser weight. Movements such as chins and rows are great to work up your back muscles as well.

Biceps: When you are lifting lighter, you are putting less effort on you biceps and are therefore, in great shape. Most weightlifters are just shoving up heavy weight to induce biceps muscle growth. But the fact is that such training only gives aching back and hips with drastic results. Biceps muscles mass can be easily thickened if you decrease your curls weight by 25%. You would notice a sudden and satisfying growth in the biceps muscle fibers as you will have to keep your upper arms straight and flexible and this will provide a good workout for your biceps.

Sometimes slowing down also helps in promoting your muscle mass building goals. For example incline bench presses require working with a lot of weight and exerting a lot of pressure on the upper chest with each repetition. By decreasing the weight, you can achieve one great benefit i.e. flexible control of your movements. Reducing the weight gives you the chance to lower your speed at any time especially when at the ultimate point of contraction when the weight you have lifted touches your chest. This helps to increase your muscle mass and also helps them to grow stronger. But this cannot always be true. Going very slow with squat can result in serious knee injuries. But going a little slow with your leg movements will give you the beneficial pause that you need at the ultimate point of contraction.

If your training workouts are suddenly sagging and lacking the right sort of energy, then try with the mix and match formula. Use up your own evaluations and experiment with lesser weight to achieve better intensity levels or higher weights with decreased intensity. Muscle mass stimulation is all about you experimenting and trying different movements and exercises that increase your exertion. This ensures that you are progressing towards your goal. So good luck with your training