Inspirational MMA Fighter With Down Syndrome (Video)

We’ve often seen stories of special needs athletes who participate in games, and enjoy moments of belonging, of connection, of triumph.¬†But what if a special needs athlete’s chosen sport revolves around violence — a sport where there’s no team protection, and the goal is to force your opponent into submission?¬†Garrett Holeve’s chosen sport is MMA. When he steps into the ring, he faces the same risks as any other fighter.

Garrett is 23 years old, 5 feet tall and weights 130 lbs. Although he is diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Rheumatoid Arthritis. He found his passion in MMA (Mixed Martial arts) because this sport made him feel good about himself.

His dad supported him in getting through with MMA training and a getting a UFC style fight with a MMA fighter his size. His whole family was against his dad for letting him go through with this.

He believes in never backing down from a fight and to keep going.

Garrett is a MMA instructor now and teaches kids how to fight. He is working with another kid with Down Syndrome to help him succeed in life.

Lessons: There’s no limits in life, don’t limit yourself. Garrett is a true inspiration.


via Romi Gill