Is Non-Surgical Face Lift a Good Option to Surgical Face Lift?

First of all, aging damages skin in different ways, depending on the individual. It can be a loss of fat and muscle volume, sagging skin, or abnormal coloration due to sun exposure. Until the 1990’s, the face lift would be the complex procedure to solve all of these. In more recent times, however, the focused was switched to non-invasive procedures which would rejuvenate the face. This is how peels, fillers, botox, dermabrasion, laser and much more got to be famed.

non surgical face lift

What Is a Non-Surgical Face Lift?

A non-surgical face lift is an alternative procedure to plastic surgery which is less invasive and calls for much less recovery time. This does not actually ‘lift’ the face but fills up the wrinkles or the places where tissue used to be more plump. However, non-surgical methods may not help you get rid of excess skin, if that is the case. Loose aged skin is best handled by a surgeon. Most of these alternative methods focus on restoring or replacing the fat under the skin, which helps support one’s young facial features.

How Do Non-Surgical Procedures Help?

When the aging factors affecting the skin are treated in non-surgical ways, it represents a more natural method, highly contrasting with what would rather appear as ‘barbaric’. Never forget it is about your face skin, the most important part of a person’s appearance. Also, keep in mind all those terrible looks of aging celebrities who now bear the marks of aesthetic surgery. Moreover, the positive effects of the newer techniques last for many years. To find out more on how these procedures actually help, take a look at the types below.

The Natural Volume Face Lift

When the visage becomes sallow, experts use fillers to plump up the skin. Basically, the most popular way is to inject fat, which feels totally natural to the organism. There are synthetic filler options as well. Some contain bio-stimulators that make your skin produce its own collagen more abundantly. The overall appearance is smooth and an additional great benefit is that of no scarring. With so many serious advantages, non-surgical methods are surely here to stay as the favorite ‘face lift’. Note that Botox is not a filler, but a muscle relaxant. It is used to correct expression wrinkles and it demands regular application.

Skin Resurfacing or Laser Treatment
A lifetime spent in the sun results in freckles, sun spots, and a skin texture that is very unaesthetic. Along with specific medication, one is recommended laser treatments, laser peel, dermabrasion or Intense Pulsed Light. The pigmented cells of the epidermis are thus removed, collagen production is stimulated and the newly growing skin is tightened. The laser leaves much untreated skin in between, which allows for quick healing. This is known as Fraxel Laser Treatment, using tiny laser columns that penetrate deep under the skin. With these procedures the downtime can be close to zero. Moreover, they allow for bigger areas to be treated at once and such treatment is cheaper and easier, as only a local anesthetic is required.

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