Is There Really Such A Thing As ‘Over Training’?

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There is one question when it comes to working out and lifting that has caused countless debates amongst those that spend their time in the gym, and those outside it. Is it possible for someone to over train when hitting the gym? There are people that fall on both sides of the argument. There are those that feel the only way to obtain the goals that you want is to train hard and often. On the other side of the debate are the individuals that believe that it is not necessary to work out every day and that by going to the extremes when doing working out you will do more harm than good.

Over Training Is Not Possible?

This is what many people that spend their days in the gym want you to believe. Their belief is that the only way to reach your physical goals is by working out hard and on a consistent basis. These people will hit the gym every chance they get, doing countless reps of a number of exercises and lifts in an effort to get the bulk they are after. Without the dedication to the gym numerous times a week, how will they be able to get the physical goals they want? In their minds, it is not possible. They hit the gym frequently doing their various routines in an effort to reach their goals.

In addition to their vigorous workouts, they also eat a diet that is filled with the essential vitamins and nutrients that they need that aid in achieving their goals. Of course, they will tell you, they get rest, but it may not be as much as they need. For the people on this side of the argument, by eating right and working hard, they will get the goals that they desire and under no circumstances do they believe it is possible to over train.

Over Training Is Counterproductive?

For those that are on the other side of the argument they are not coming from a standpoint where they do not want to achieve their physical goals, they just do not believe that hitting the gym too much, or doing excessive workouts is necessary to get the body they want. One of the key arguments that people have against over training is that if you overwork your body every day, then you never give your body the time it needs to recover properly from those intense workouts.

Yes, taking the time off between your workouts, work, and the rest of the normal activities you enjoy during your daily life is essential. If you are going to continually push your body to extremes and never allow it the time to recover you will never achieve the goals that you are after.  In order for those workouts that you are performing to be effective, you need to allow your body time to rest and recover; it is during these rest periods where your muscles will truly be able to develop into what you are looking to obtain.  Another factor to remember when it comes to never giving yourself the time to rest between workouts is that instead of getting the results you are after, you will end up doing the opposite. You can incur more injuries and see fewer results.


No matter which side of the argument you fall on, if you do anything in excess it can be bad for you. Be careful not to over extend yourself during your workouts and you will benefit more.



Author Bio:

Geoff Howard, is a former personal trainer who now owns Mutant Nutrition. Geoff has a keen interest in health and fitness and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others via a number of blogs.