Why Using Protein Powder Is Necessary For Bodybuilding



Protein powder is necessary for a whole lot of things; bodybuilding being one of them. This is because protein powder is chock full of the essential muscle building bricks called amino acids. They are important to have and if you are serious about being a bodybuilder you should eat a lot of them.

Why take protein?

If you are a bodybuilder and wish to know how bodybuilding works then you have come to the right place. The first thing you should keep in mind is that bodybuilding isn’t for everyone! It takes a special kind of mindset to achieve good and long lasting results. First and foremost, a person who is weightlifting should always have an open mind about taking various kinds of supplements. From protein to creatine to dromostanolone, the professional bodybuilder needs it all in order to achieve his goals! Protein is just the first step in a long line of substance abuse behavior that is going to predominate a lot of your time later on. Only by altering your body’s natural chemical composition can you hope to achieve fast and long-lasting results. Of course you can try it without taking any mass-gaining supplements, but that is like starting a fire with a pair of sticks instead of using gasoline – it just won’t happen!

How does protein work?

Protein is one of the three very important nutrients that we need in order to live. Life without proteins is impossible! Thus protein must be obtained; to repair muscle tissue and supply your muscles with food, which is basically the same thing. When your perform the act of ‘weight-lifting’ you are pushing your muscles to their very limit. When your muscles are tired they usually tear themselves up’ just so they can tell you that enough is enough.

When protein powder is consumed either via the ‘milk shake’ technique or the ‘energy bar’ method, it goes right to work on fixing those sore torn muscles of yours. And because muscles themselves are mostly protein, it is like substituting one block of Lego with another to make a better, more solid structure. The more you lift weights the more damaged your muscles become, and the more you eat protein the stronger they end up getting (because of the Lego principle).

Because you were not designed to be like the Incredible Hulk and have a super bulky body without having to do anything to deserve it, you should accompany your protein intake with vigorous exercising. Protein alone will do nothing for you if not combined with hard work and at least 2 hours of gym time.

How much protein powder should I take?

There is much debate going around the excess usage of protein powder. The truth is that no scientific research has ever been conducted to support this notion. Fact is that there are a lot of people out there taking HUGE doses of protein and they are just fine. Well there might have been some fatalities associated with protein overdose, but that is water under the bridge. Honestly speaking you take up to 2 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight and you should be just fine. Of course you can go little more than that, but that depends on your activity levels and what have you. If you are a serious bodybuilder you should go for it and eat protein powder with almost every meal! If you are not that interested in building the body of your dreams, then 0.5 g per kg is more than sufficient. Just remember that protein doesn’t build muscle; weightlifting builds muscle, so do more of that!

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