It’s Not Too Late to Get That Summer Body: 4 Great Weight Loss Tips



It’s definitely not to late to get an awesome, lean body for next summer. Although it might seem a bit challenging to begin a serious diet and workout schedule, here are four tips that should help you get in shape for next summer.

Count Your Calories

To start working towards achieving your ideal shape, it is important to know how many calories your body needs in order to lose weight. The best estimate to use is to consume no more than ten calories for every pound that you weight. For an 165-lb male, this would equal out to around 1650 calories. For some this amount might be lower, for others, slightly higher. Try using an online calorie calculator to determine how many calories you need to in order to lose one or two pounds of fat a week.

Carbs Fat and Protein

Aside from calories, it is important to know how many grams of carbohydrates, fat and protein your body needs in order to lose weight and get your awesome physique. It is generally recommended to have a lower carbohydrate intake, so start off with around half of gram of carbohydrate for every pound that you weight. Then, you should consume around a gram to a gram and a quarter of protein for every pound of your lean body mass. To determine your lean body mass, you would need to know your body fat percentage. Any remaining calories should be filled in with healthy fats stemming from quality sources such as nuts, avocado, fish oil, etc.


Ok now that you are on a diet, start a serious workout regimen. You need to workout at least four to five times a week to see immediate, substantial changes. Also, you need to do a combination of both cardiovascular conditioning, i.e. running, sprinting, walking as well as weight-based resistance training. Consult with your gym’s personal trainer to devise the best workout according to your needs.

Stay Motivated

So now that you are dieting and working out, the most important thing you can do now is have patience and stay motivated. If you are consistent with your exercise and diet, you should see results every week. The best way to stay motivated is to be realistic about your goals and do not try to lose an extreme amount of weight in a limited amount of time.