Jack3d Micro By USP Labs


It’s a new product called Jack3d Micro, and it’s intended to be used as a Jack3d alternative for when you need a change-up. This comes after 18+ months of R&D by the experts at USP! USPLabs  currently has no intentions of stopping production of the original Jack3d formula.

Jack3d Micro
USP Labs Jack3d Micro

What is Jack3d Micro?

  • We are told that the only ingredient in common with Jack3d is caffeine.
  • This means that there is no DMAA, no creatine, and no beta alanine (no tingles!).
  • While we absolutely love ALL of these ingredients, they’re not right for every situation and every person, and some people simply don’t like the effects of beta alanine.
  • Just like with Jack3d, there’s no artificial dyes or “BS” like that. Users love this, and it boggles my mind why no other companies follow suit, despite Jack3d’s huge success.