Jogger Named ‘Ethan’ Has Become The Internet’s Latest Sensation (Video)

What started as a live cross to a TV reporter has turned into a dating advertisement for a random shirtless jogger in Chicago who was taking a late-night run in the rain. Sunday’s bizarre interview for WGN TV began with a reporter, wearing a raincoat, stopping the bearded and buff man to ask why he was wearing only a pair of shorts in a downpour during the middle of winter.

“Dude, where is your shirt, man?” reporter Tahman Bradley questions. “You’re also in shorts, it is mid-December, how is that possible?” The shirtless wonder, later revealed to be Colorado native Ethan Renoe, replies he loves to run and also sends out an ambitious proposition to any ladies who happen to be watching. “I know, it’s awesome. I love running in that rain and I’m also single,” he says.

As you may be aware, much of the United States is currently experiencing an unseasonable mid-December warm spell. That’s what lured Colorado resident Ethan Renoe into a rainy, shirtless run along Lake Michigan while visiting Chicago on Sunday evening. It was during this run that Renoe encountered a reporter for Chicago’s WGN TV, who stopped the second coming of Joe Manganiello for a quick chat. And by the time Renoe finished his 5-mile run, he had already become a bona fide internet sensation. In the 12 hours since, Renoe’s video has been viewed more than 1 million times, accumulating thousands of shares on Facebook. And the ensuing reaction has been interesting, to say the least:

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