JST JBREK Protein Porridge Product Review


JBREK is the latest breakthrough formula in the supplement industry formulated using a combination of ingredients carefully selected for their quality and effectiveness.

Nutritional Info
Calories – 142
Protein – 12.5g
Carbs – 13.5g
-Of which sugars – 5.5g
Fat – 3.6g
-Of which saturates – 1.3g
Linolenic – 0.9g
Alpha linolenic – 0.2g
Fibre – 2.6g
Sodium – 0.22g

Vitamins Info
Vitamin A – 200ugRe
Vitamin D – 1.2ug
Vitamin E – 3.0mg a Te
Vitamin C – 20mg
Thiamine – 0.3mgNe
Riboflavin – 0.3mg
Niacin – 4.0mg
Vitamin B6 – 0.5mg
Folic acid – 50ug
Vitamin B12 – 0.6ug
Biotin – 12ug
Pantothenic acid – 1.5mg
Vitamin K – 19ug

Minerals Info
Calcium – 209mg
Phosphorus – 279mg
Iron – 4.0mg
Magnesium – 106mg
Zinc – 2.4mg
Iodine – 39mg
Potassium – 441mg
Chloride – 536mg
Copper – 0.4mg
Manganese – 16ug
Selenium – 15ug
Molybdenum – 15ug

I personally had the blueberry muffin and can say it was very tasty. At first i imagined a clumpy strong tasting drink but actually it mixes up very smooth
and the taste is just right. I also tried a friends banana flavour and was very impressed. I preferred to drink it cold my self but al depends on preference.

JBREK I found to be a brilliant supplement. Everyone knows in the morning you haven’t always got time to sit and eat a good well nutritioned breakfast. But with
JBREK you can enjoy a quick shake hot or cold and you know your full of all those beneficial Ingredients to help you get through the day and help bring you the results wanted. You don’t have to have it at breakfast of course.Occasionally if I missed out on a meal during the day I would just shake up a Jbrek and not have to worry as much. I love how it’s packed full of minerals and vitamins which puts this ahead of some shakes on the market. I think maybe JST could increase the protein amount slightly but 12.5g is still acceptable. overall I think it’s a great mix of nutrition.