Jungle Gyms And Swing Sets Fulfill A Child’s Needs

jungle gym


Pick up any newspaper, magazine, or browse the internet and you will be overwhelmed with the number of articles that have to do with childhood obesity and its perils. Let’s face it; we have become a society of instant gratification. Today’s technology has its place in our society but it is also turning our children into couch potatoes while they play hand held games, text or chat online with friends.

The only way to put an end to this dilemma is for parents to take a stand and limit the amount of time children are allowed to play with these devices. They need to be encouraged to go outside and play. One way to help promote this kind of activity is to present children with devices that they will be happy and excited to use.

In years past, backyard swing sets were a staple in most homes with children. Depending on the number of children in a family, the swing sets could range from a couple of swings to a deluxe set with slides, teeter totters and even a set of monkey bars. Special seats could be attached to the swings for the safety of the smaller child and removed when they were old enough not to require it any longer.

Like the advancement of all things, the simple swing set has been replaced by fun and sophisticated jungle gyms. It has all of the components that the swing set had plus the addition of other forms of entertainment, such as climbing walls and rope ladders. They are usually built of wood or tubular plastics and can withstand years of play and roughhousing.

Due to the complexity of these gyms, parents should look for sets that have parts that can be added as you go along. Start out with a basic set and attach additions as your budget allows. Both the swing set and the jungle gym come with easy to follow instructions on how they are put together and every piece has been styled to provide the ultimate in safety for any child. Do your children a favor and allow them to find out just how much enjoyment there is to be had with this kind of play equipment. You may quickly find that the electronic games are being left behind in favor of some good old fashioned fun that does not require batteries.


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Kyle Randling blogs about the health industry, focusing on the importance of getting children to remain active.When looking for the best swing set Montreal has to offer kids, Kyle found a wide variety of Play Rainbow systems, swing sets and jungle gyms online and recommends you check them out!