Keeping Fit On A Tight Budget

Keeping fit is really important, whatever else is going on in your life, your health should always feature somewhere at the top of your priorities.

Keeping fit doesn’t have to cost the earth, you don’t need to pay huge gym membership fees or massive amounts on home gym equipment. If you really need to save money you can actually keep fit on a budget of absolute zero, or something very close.

For the one off cost of a decent pair of running shoes, some joggers and a high impact sports bra (if you are a woman!) you can keep fit by running or even walking. Equally, an exercise video is very low cost, you will probably pick one up in a second hand shop for next to nothing. Again, a one off cost with a lot of keep fit mileage.


On your bike

A bike is also a great way to keep fit. If you haven’t already got one, look out for adverts in the local paper and pick up a good second-hand bike. Don’t forget a decent helmet, it may cost a little more but is well worth it if you are in an accident. What cost your life, or at least the integrity of your skull?

If you do need the incentive of a trainer at a gym, then shop around. Look at your local council run leisure centre, they are usually the most reasonably priced. They often provide packages which include swimming and sometimes exercise classes.


Financial Health

Even if you are really struggling financially, it is important to keep on top of your health. And it may help in other ways too. Money worries cause stress and exercise is well known to relieve stress and tension leaving your head clear to make some sensible choices.

If you are already in debt and are struggling to keep up with payments, you need to talk to someone. An IVA may be the solution and can help get you back on track. An IVA or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement can be used to help tackle unsecured loans, organising your repayments into one manageable monthly sum. IVAs from IVA-expert can write off repayments that you simply can’t afford and freeze interest to stop your debt accumulating and spiralling out of control. In many cases, with the proper help, you could be debt free within 60 months.


Social activities

Activities such as walking, jogging and cycling won’t cost you a penny, after the initial purchase of any necessary equipment. You could also get a friend involved or other members of your family. A good brisk walk around the park is great for your health and can also be great fun if you take the family. The same with a bike ride, the kids will love a bike ride on a Sunday afternoon after lunch, great fun and will work off those extra roast potatoes.

One great way to motivate yourself to walk, run or jog, is to get a friend or family member to drop you off somewhere, a couple of miles or further if you can manage it, away from your home. Make sure you are wearing decent shoes, have a bottle of water and know where you are going! Don’t bite off more than you can chew on the first outing, if nothing else, you’ll never live it down if you have to call for a lift home again.