“Killer Kardio” Infographic



This is such an awesome workout routine.You can easily burn 500+ calories doing this!

This might seem pretty simple at first, but let me tell you, by the third round on the treadmill, I want to die. I will keep this in my weekly rotation until it gets too easy. Then I’ll either ramp up the intensity or run longer. Not sure which. I personally only do this once a week because I have other things I do, but I’m sure anyone could take the gist of this and switch around some of the exercises, such as adding more abdominal targeted moves, and do it more than once a week. It works well for me when the weather is terrible and I don’t want to leave the garage where my treadmill lives. I’m sure when the snow melts, I’ll modify it to run blocks around the neighborhood and do the other exercises in my yard. In all, no matter how you do it, you will definitely sweat




via Areaderz