Kimbo Slice Escapes Chokehold, Knocks Out Ken Shamrock In First Round (Video)

Despite holding Kimbo Slice in a rear naked choke for 45 seconds, Ken Shamrock lost his catch-weight Bellator bout tonight after Slice escaped and leveled the former UFC and WWF champion with a crushing right hand.

Ken Shamrock and Kimbo Slice are undoubtedly past their primes. Shamrock at 51, Kimbo with a nonexistent ground game, booked in the Bellator 138 main event above a world title fight, and two former Bellator champions. Despite the jokes that surrounded the bout prior, it more than lived up to the hype.

A Shamrock submission or a Kimbo Slice KO was the outcome, and everyone with prior knowledge of the two were well aware. Shamrock, who entered alongside Road Warrior Animal, earned easy takedowns early and locked in a choke. Kimbo Slice looked like he was ready to go out, but battled and broke the hold after an extended period of time. Once on the feet, Kimbo connected with big right hands and stopped the fight.

via Wrestling Inc