Kimbo Slice KO’d Dada 5000 In The Most Embarrassing Fight In MMA History (Video)

The fight was billed as a brawl between two former Miami street fighters. But Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 were too out of shape for that. The end result was a confusing, embarrassing display of, well, something. Just not mixed martial arts.

The end came at 1:32 of the third round as referee John McCarthy called off the heavyweight fight after an exhausted Harris (2-1) collapsed to the canvas following a punch from Slice (6-2) that didn’t appear to connect.

Harris, 38, who hasn’t fought professionally since 2011, landed a fair share of punches in the bout, but he was visibly winded early in the first round. The 42-year-old Slice didn’t look much better. The two leaned on one another, exhausted, throughout. McCarthy was forced to separate them numerous times due to inactivity. At one point in the second round, McCarthy stood Slice up from full mount.

The finish came under a chorus of boos. Harris was so tired he couldn’t raise his arms, which allowed a lumbering Slice to take free shots at his chin. Harris was never knocked down from any of the shots, but the culmination of them eventually took an effect and he collapsed awkwardly in a heap. The Miami native was taken out of the cage by stretcher, but Bellator officials said he was able to sit and receive oxygen shortly after going backstage.