Lady Gaga Puts On 30 Pounds From Her ‘Drunk Diet’ o_0


Looks like all that drinking alcohol has finally caught up to Lady Gaga! She is not overweight by any means but the normally skinny Gaga looks to have packed on a few pounds.

The normally skinny singer has suddenly fattened up and piled on the pounds, sparking concerned reactions from health experts who believe she may have been drinking too many calories.

When the  5’1″ Bad Romance singer hit the stage for a concert in Amsterdam on Monday, it was clear that there was a lot more of her hitting the scale nowadays!

“Gaga appears to have gained at least 30 pounds,” nutritionist Majid Ali, who has not treated the star, told in an exclusive interview.

The wild pop star has always been open about her hard parting habits, having once claimed she follows “the drunk diet… I live my life as I want to.” Gaga recently told radio station Sirius FM. “I like to drink whiskey and stuff while I am working,” admitting that she regularly works out when she is hungover.

Gaga’s liquid appetite is most likely to blame for her recent weight gain, explained Ali. “Alcohol sugars can only be stored as fats. Whereas most sugars can be used as fuel and whatever is left over is stored,” he revealed.

“So all that drinking adds up as fat pretty quickly, no matter what the rest of her diet is like.”

Realizing that she has a whole load more curves in her controversial stage costumes than before, the 26-year-old Born This Waysinger has reportedly vowed to lose 10 pounds by going on a gluten free diet, but Radar has learned it is a not a smart way to slim down.


via Radar