Lean Nutrition Strategies


Use this four tips to start building a foundation of fitness!!


Feast on fiber for breakfast.
Along with protein and healthy fat, you’ll want a complex carbohydrate at most meals, especially breakfast. We suggest two slices of whole-wheat toast to accompany your eggs or whey protein shake in the morning. Two reasons: (1) sustained energy for the next several hours, as whole grains digest slowly and feed your brain and muscles gradually, and (2) the fiber present in 100% whole wheat has been shown to aid fat loss and keep you feeling full so you don’t overeat.

Eat grapefruit.
Consider this fruit a wildcard fat-burning food. One study found that subjects who ate half a grapefruit three times a day lost an average of nearly four pounds in 12 weeks. This could be due in part to grapefruit’s high level of vitamin C, which is believed to be effective at burning fat.

Cottage Cheese
No meal is complete without a good source of protein, and cottage cheese is about as fit-friendly as it gets, as it’s packed with protein and is low in carbs. That and calcium-rich foods (specifically dairy products) have been shown to enhance fat-oxidation. Just make sure your cottage cheese is no more than 2% milk fat.

Have a cup of coffee.
Caffeine is found in most fat-burning supplements, as it inhibits the storage of bodyfat and helps burn extra fat during exercise. Drink a large cup of coffee before doing cardio, but make sure it’s black – don’t add sugar or cream to it. The extra calories will only impede your fat-burning efforts.