Learn How Your Looks Can Reveal Your Health Problems

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Have you been neglecting signs from your body lately? The imbalances that are occurring inside your body are often due to emotional and psychological reasons. When neglected for long, they manifest as physical problems on different body parts. If you too are experiencing these symptoms, it is high time you put yourself on priority start caressing your body and mind.

Hair Fall

You have been witnessing long strands of your hair falling away lately. Certainly not the best feeling in the world to experience! Do not be under the impression that less hair would just obstruct your good looks and confidence. Yes, it would cause that side effect also. But majorly, hair loss can be a sign that your body is going through an acute imbalance which should be addressed immediately. Lack of nutrition is a very common reason for hair loss. Other causes are abnormal increase of thyroid, anaemia, diabetes and hormonal imbalances. So next time you comb your hair and a bunch of hair gets entangled in the bristles of your hair brush, don’t neglect. And for heaven’s sake do not blame it on your genes! Sure, genetic factors are counted as a reason for hair fall, but they cannot always be held responsible for the same.

Flaky, Dry Skin

When you moisturize your skin religiously with a good deep moisturizer, taking care of your skin like your baby and still it remains dry and unmanageable, know that all’s not well. It is the way your body talks to that you are not treating it with the love and care it deserves. Flaky, dry skin is indicative of hypothyroidism, diabetes and many times, skin cancer. It is important that you visit a dermatologist if you are experiencing dry skin, overgrown cuticles and hard skin around your nails.

Brittle Nails

One of the most irritating problems in the body, especially for women, is breaking and chipping of nails. Not that men can be at ease now that they do not need to watch out for this symptom. Men are equally required to look after themselves. Poor nail health can be indicative of lack of vitamin B12, and Vitamin A in the body. Also, cracking nails very often indicates Psoriasis, Yeast Infections. So please do not neglect this part of your body which is so useful.

Skin darkening

You have been using a high SPF sun block lotion, have been taking dietary precautions and trying every possible anti tanning measure. Your skin is still getting dark and solutions do not seem to make it any better. The reason could be something else. Due to fluctuating blood pressure levels and blood sugar levels, the blood circulation slows down in certain areas of the body. The skin above those areas, then start getting dark. Blood thickening can be a detrimental imbalance which not only causes skin darkening but could also lead to clotting of blood inside body, causing blockage of arteries.

Swollen Palms & Feet

Water retention in the body can prove to be a slow poison in the body. When your shoes suddenly start feeling snug or on waking up, your palms and feet have ballooned more than their usual size, it is time to pay heed to it. Your body is suffering from water retention. Not only will your feet and palms look out of shape, but this imbalance can also lead to heart failure.

Chapped Lips

We all experience dry, chapped lips during winters, which is usually cured by applying lip balms and other homemade products. But if this has become a part of the everyday scenario, please be mindful that your body is going through something much more than the usual dryness. Chronic anaemia , diabetes, hypothyroidism are notorious for causing cracked lips and stealing its suppleness and moisture. Drink as much water as you can and increase the intake of foods that are rich in iron and Vitamin E.

Unhealthy Mouth

Have you lately started shying away from social gatherings and close interactions at work and refuse to smile frequently? Suffering from a foul mouth can be deterring both for your health as well as your self confidence. De colorized teeth, a sometimes swollen gums and a whiff of perpetual odor that always comes from your mouth means that you can be walking your way to Pyrrha or Scurvy. Watch out for any pus formation in the gums. These diseases can spoil your oral health majorly, so visit a dentist as soon as you notice these symptoms.

Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes

Usually, the people with high level of bad cholesterol and fluctuating blood pressure levels complain of puffy eyes. Also, people suffering from diabetes get dark circles and sagging skin under the eyes. Do not walk yourself into these diseases by ignoring these physical symptoms as and when they appear. Under eye skin is very delicate and if its physical appearance varies for some reason, do not hesitate to cure it.

Irritation In Genitals

If you have been experiencing itching and increased redness in your genitals, do not just brush it off thinking you probably need to maintain more hygiene in that area. Sure, that should be taken care of at all costs. But most importantly, irritation in genitals, especially when it is lingering even after washing and cleaning, is indicative of STDs, or sometimes yeast infection. Take extra care of your genital skin area and be alert if any such symptom pops up.

Lump in Breast Area

Frequent campaigns have already started spreading awareness regarding how to take better care of your breast area. And how neglecting it can prove to be life threatening. Lumps in breast, especially when painless can be a sign of breast cancer. Do not wear over tight undergarments and maintain extra hygiene there. Also, if you experience any liquid discharge or unusual pain, visit the doctor immediately.


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