Learn Why Protein Is Essential For You To Loose Weight


More often than not, the common notion of the protein use in the dieting process gets misunderstood or completely overrated. Unknown to many, proteins are a major component/food for persons who are in the process of losing some weight. Its inclusion in their diet in sensible proportions will go a long way in the slimming and weight loss endeavor.

What is the importance of proteins?

After ingestion (intake of food into our system), metabolism needs to take place and this process requires energy for effectiveness. For energy to be produced, excess stored fats have to be burned down. In order to burn down these fats, proteins must be present so as to provide adequate energy for the process. There is thus the need for a proper nutritional balance so as to provide the metabolism with the needed stamina.

Protein is basically necessary for the general body health. This is guaranteed by the maintenance of the body muscles which comprise a significant proportion of the actual body mass. Such diets rich in proteins are also associated with weight loss, and keep the body in a satisfied state for longer. This long duration of satisfaction ensures that you do not keep consuming randomly and thus reduce the chances of further uptake of foods that would compromise the idea behind the weight loss.

How much amount of proteins is needed?

There is no prescribed amount of protein pre-set for the people seeking weight loss. The amounts will basically be dependent on the age and the gender. Other factors include the body weight and the health status of the individual. In adults, a breakfast consisting of 3 serves of proteins would be adequate for the body. This basically translates to around 2 eggs or a cup of milk.

Maintaining a low carbohydrate diet will lead to less blood sugar (insulin) produced. This sugar provides energy for the body and its shortage results in the burn down of fats leading to loss of some pounds.

Which is the source of these proteins?

The sources of proteins are basically divided into 2 major divisions: animal proteins and plant proteins. The recommended preference is the plant proteins. Proteins from legumes, grains and vegetables are highly recommended. This is due to their high content of amino acids. In addition, plant proteins have a lesser amount of calories as compared to the animal proteins and are thus a better choice.

The amino acids in proteins (especially leucine) contribute a great deal in the weight loss process. This component may be found in cottage cheese and meat (red). Other sources also include milk, pork, fish and eggs. In fact, it has been shown that a daily uptake of 2 eggs contributes to weight by about 65%.

In conclusion, the purpose of protein intake in the diet for weight loss has been depicted clearly. Its role through metabolism is the key factor and the proportions of the same should also be regulated in order to ensure effective results. The type and source of the proteins should also be considered since not all sources will have the very necessary amino acids required for this role like the leucine.



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