Link Between ‘Piperine’ In Black Pepper And Blocking Fat Cells



It was only last year that Black Pepper was being cited as having a possible causal link with stomach cancer!  Two years before that Piperine was being hailed as a preventive substance for prostate cancer although in itself was not been shown to have any affect but when combined with other ani-oxidants Piperine may have had an impact. Now we have it as a possible aid to preventing obesity!

Forget focusing on whether or not to add salt to your food, it seems that researchers may have found a link between black pepper and fat cells. ‘Piperine’ gives black pepper its characteristic taste and it’s this substance that a new study suggests could be used in “potential treatments for obesity-related diseases”.

The research, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, found that piperine blocks the formation of new fat cells, according to Using laboratory studies and computer models, the researchers found piperine interferes with the activity of genes that control the generation of fat cells.

In their latest paper, researchers Soo-Jong Um and Ji-Cheon Jeong also point towards former studies that have indicated the health benefits of piperine, including its role in reducing fat levels in the bloodstream, reports Medical News Today. Black pepper and the black pepper plant, the paper’s authors underline, have been used for centuries in traditional Eastern medicine to treat gastrointestinal distress, pain, inflammation and other disorders.


via Huffington Post UK