Look Good In Leggings Workout For Women (Video)

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Check out this great workout routine from Pop Sugar to help you look good in your leggins. This routine targets the butt and legs to add some shape to your bottom.

There’s not much to hate about leggings, a wardrobe staple both in and out of the gym. While they cover up, these skintight pants leave little room for forgiveness. Unfortunately, we can’t promise your “Lulus” aren’t see-through, but we can assure you a workout that will help you rock the tights with confidence. Grab a stability ball and give this 20-minute workout a whirl.

Instructions: After completing the five-minute cardio warmup, perform the workout moving from one exercise directly to the next. Repeat the strength-training circuit two times, then cool down with the lower body stretches.

Warmup: Five Minutes

High Knees


Butt Kicker


Side Shuffle


The Workout

Plié Squat: 15 Reps


 Standing Dirty Dog: 15 Reps Each Leg


Plié Squat Jump: 15 Reps


Pulsing Plié Squat: 20 Pulse Up and 20 Back


Plank Leg-Lifts: 10 Reps


Bridge: 20 Reps and 20 Squeezes



Superman Ball Lift: 15 Reps


via Pop Sugar