Looking For A Women’s Only Weight Loss Bootcamp?


Not all bootcamps are the same and some may be more appropriate for certain types of women than others.

For example, some operate on almost military lines with very strict and rigorous exercise regimes, often in large groups where you are not a name but a number. Some may expect a certain level of fitness even before you start, but might not carry out any personal fitness assessments to see if you are actually capable of what will be asked of you. They’re perhaps worth identifying in advance!

There are other bootcamps though, where your stay is viewed in the context of a holistic lifestyle review. At specialist camps, such as those offered by Brealy Bootcamps, you’ll be offered the opportunity to spend a focused weekend or week in a women-only weight loss bootcamp, participating in a programme which has be tailored for your own needs and capabilities.

What does that mean and why might it be beneficial?

Modern lifestyles

It’s a fact of life that many aspects of a modern lifestyle might not necessarily be particularly conducive to maintaining physical and emotional equilibrium and therefore good health.

The issues are relatively well known.

Stress, rushed meals, overlong working hours, a lack of exercise and the tendency to perhaps eat and drink foods that are not necessarily the right composition for our particular physical needs, all lead to fitness, health and weight issues.

Go a little deeper and these issues can range from complete burnout to always being ill to just hating what you see when you look in the mirror.

The traditional solution

For a long time people were told that the solution to these things was relatively simple:

  • take a holiday;
  • diet;
  • exercise more.

Of course, all the things are still today recognised as being valid and bootcamps may be seen as one way of achieving that solution. However, getting to the core of why you get stressed and make unhealthy eating choices etc is also an important way of helping you understand your behaviours – as you can stop making the same mistakes over and over. Weight loss camps that incorporate workshops on behaviours may be more beneficial in helping you lose weight and maintain the weight loss.

Female-only camps

There are elements of our daily lives that are simply different for the typical man as opposed to the typical woman.

That’s why some women prefer the privacy and more relaxed nature of female-only bootcamps. Being able to learn from other women’s experiences and them from yours, might be extremely useful and a reassuring environment within which to develop your new strategies for things such as diet, work and exercise.

Understanding the role that work plays in your life and how to try and make sure it becomes a proportional component of your day-to-day existence rather than something that dominates your lifestyle 24 x 7, is arguably as important as making sure that you eat correctly.

By bring together everything you learn during a bootcamp – exercise, nutrition and balance – could, quite simply, change your life.