Low-Carb Diet May Be Better Than Low Fat Diet, Study Finds (Video)


A low-carbohydrate diet is better for losing weight and may also be better for lowering the risk of heart disease than a low-fat diet, according to a new study.

While low-carb diets have outperformed other diets when it comes to weight loss, some researchers feared they might be worse for heart health because they tend to be high in fat.

Bazzano the lead author of the study at Tulane University, NO, says that, suitable nutritional therapy like low carb diet can help overweight people to lose few pounds and also helps decreasing the risks of strokes and heart diseases

The study also suggests that individuals who are at high risk of heart diseases as well as they are not able to lose weight even with other diet plans must try this low-carb diet plans.

The foods that are rich in Carbohydrates include sugar, starches, and fiber. These types of foods provide energy.

To conclude the study, the author collected information of 148 obese people who are between 22 and 75 years old. You can find the particulars o f this study in the Annals of Internal Medicine.


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