Maintain A Clean System


People that workout including myself always want the best look, but sometimes we over look the simple things that can be a big factor in achieving that goal. Think of your body as a automobile, treat the insides right and it will last a long time. Drink lots of water, your body’s loves this. You personally might have a fetish for soda, but hey; no one said being in shape was easy. Drinking all this water will make you go to the bathroom a lot, which is a good thing. You are filtering out impurities in your system. This brings me to using the toilet for number 2, who should make sure at least once a day you use the bathroom for this. You want to get all the food you have consumed that has turned into waste out of your body. Being more stringent in doing this will leave you with a firmer and tighter body, not to mention great looking skin and your abs will thank you for it.